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Kissing girls

And creating queens

Burning tobacco

Along with dreams

Rushing away

And stepping into

The land of the hopeless

Where there’s me and you

Daring to live

Not wanting to be alive

Holding onto the unreal

As a notion to survive

You take sniffs and drags

Not knowing what you kill

Tasting the poison

That gives you a thrill

Every day is heavier

And the amount is more

Until you’ve done such harm

That you crawl on the floor

Pricking needles

Deep into the skin

But we know not enough

About such sin

It all ends with helping hands

Time moved along with you

And you find new attractions

To see your day through

But you never forget and you’ll always recall

The taste of your poison

The feel of your crawl

Kissing girls

And creating queens

I’m still burning tobacco

Along with my dreams


♥ Tassha