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Addicted to Nicotine


Shelter me closely

to shield the fear,

that bleeds in my veins

and lives in me, in here.

Keep me quiet

so that I will not scream,

and save me from myself,

when I’m addicted to nicotine.


Hug my hand, hold my heart,

let me be part of you.

Until the darkness is gone

and the confusion is through.

Bless me with your presence

and  encourage me to dream.

Don’t leave me alone

when  I’m addicted to nicotine.


Tell me sometimes that you care,

even if you don’t.

The difference doesn’t matter,

and it won’t.

Just shelter me closely,

from what is, what could have been,

and keep me safely

when I’m addicted to nicotine.


♥ Tassha  

Vir Pieka