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Humble me

Humble me in my pain
So that I will not feel it is my own
Tell me the road I must take
So that I will find my way home.
Humble me in my time
So that I will not waste it away
Tell me the secrets of love
So that I will know what to say.
Humble me in my laughter
So that I do not forget to care
Tell me how to spread my arms
So that I can know how to share.
Humble me in my thoughts
So that I may not dwell on me
Tell me how to know what is right
So that I know what to be.
Humble me in my strides
So that I can take it slow
Tell me how to embrace today
So that I will always know.
Humble me in my human state
So that I may do what pleases
Tell me how to live for you
So that I may be humbled by You, Jesus.

♥ Tassha